Friday, July 13, 2012

Central Cinema torn down

Heard that the Central Cinema in Maradana was torn down last night. The Sunday Times website carries a brief news item.

People from around the area say that bulldozers arrived in the middle of the night and started flattening the cinema. The owners apparently tried to contact higher authorities but were unsuccessful in preventing the demolition.

The Sunday Times website says the Urban Development Authority (UDA) demolished the cinema after the owner failed to meet tax obligations. The report in the print edition of last Sunday's paper stated that the owners had apparently won their case in the district court.


bingo said...

what the hell is going on??????

Jack Point said...

No idea, Bingo but I did find this on the web:

The appellant, the UDA was not successful.

Java Jones said...

The madness continues?

Anonymous said...

My heartiest apologies if you were in anyway related to the ownership. But, good god man, about damn time!