Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School children attacked by university students-for speaking English

The Daily News carried a story that a group of 'international '(ie English language) school students from Panadura were attacked by a group of university students. The reason for the attack was apparently that the 'international' school students spoke English. The students had entered the university to participate in a tree planting campaign.
English is seen by some sections of society as a barrier, it is colloquially referred to as 'Kaduwa' or 'kadda' for short. Kaduwa is the Sinhalese term for sword and it is used in the sense that it is the instrument that cuts people off from advancing. It suggests that there is, rightly or wrongly, resentment against the English language.

Perhaps it is the lack of opportunities and the perception that English helps people to get jobs. Its probably correct, this is what is driving the demand for English language education. The lack of opportunities is what is also driving people into jobs overseas. 

The university students probably thought the school children were being uppity and decided to teach them a lesson, but their action shows just how debased and perverted a nation that we live in.

There is never a shortage of people who jump up to claim that we are heirs to an ancient civilisation, that we are, oh so much superior to the hypocritical and materialistic West, but does this act of violence spark even a murmur of dissent? It barely made the news. Is this what we have descended to, to accept as normal behaviour?



Dee said...

THIS IS SO PATHETIC!!! Sickening!! Why not LEARN The language for god's sake!! geez!!!!

The Puppeteer said...

I think free education contributes to this problem as well. The university students don't value their education. They expect the world to work according to their liking, instead of trying to learn the language and improve their situation, they're trying to physically beat the system into working the way they want it to.

If they paid for their education, they'd realise that waiting for the world to change is a waste of money and they'd spend more time reading their textbooks than attacking defenceless children.

Anonymous said...

It's truly sad that this happened. And it's even more telling that this is the sort of behaviour we find in the country in many instances - when someone is successful, instead of looking to learn from that success and get even better, the typical attitude has become one of attacking the successor to bring them down.

There is a saying about Sri Lankans being like crabs in a boiling pot - none can leave because those who choose to stay keep dragging the others down.

And we wonder why so many decide to leave the country for greener pastures!

bingo said...

can't this be the outcome of mental frustration of uni. students?

Jack Point said...

Dee - my thoughts exactly!

Puppeteer - something is certainly wrong with the education system. The values and attitude they inculcate seem to be very bad.

Bingo - probably a part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, how everyone takes newspaper article at face value, instead of considering the fact that the story might not be true, or that there may be another angle to it.

Jack Point said...

Hmmn Anon, maybe. You know anything more about this?