Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Why is it so impossibly hot?

I thought we were over the worst of the heat by the end of April, but no, the nights have got much hotter and steamier in May. We have been fairly lucky the last few years, the monsoon set in early and things were cooling off by mid April.

This year the weather remained extremely hot until the third week of April, then we had a combination of extremely heavy monsoon showers and, whenever the rain stopped, a return of the heat. Nevertheless on the whole, things were a little cooler during the last couple of weeks of April.

I was   trying to sit under a fan a little while ago while oppressive waves of hot air kept beating down. Sometimes I wake up to find my head bathed in sweat, once my pillow was quite wet. The fact that I use a mosquito net makes it a bit hotter, but I fear the mosquitoes more than the heat.

I am a sound sleeper, so once I get into bed I rarely wake up before dawn, but these days I am occasionally wakened by the stifling heat, although I generally get back to bed fast enough.

I would envy my friends who have air-conditioners,  except that they have been so heavily stung by the increases in their electricity recently, it hard to feel anything more than pity.


bingo said...

talking about heat I was asked by the doc to sleep without the fan at night(thanks to wheezing)....:)

but I decided I would rather die of wheezing rather than drowning in my own sweat..:D

Jack Point said...

Ha ha Bingo.

Try a table fan, its cooler than a ceiling fan and maybe slightly better for your wheeze.

Cadence9 said...

I recently discovered (by sheer chance) that dunking a bucketful of cold well water does alot to reduce body temperature. C and I got the well cleaned a few weeks back. Once the clean water had filled up in the well, we drew up a bucket (it was a sweltering day)and C dumped it on me, which did wonders! The shower does not help stave the heat but strangely this did. The water was nice and cold and I immediately felt much cooler.

Jack Point said...

I seem to remember the same thing about well water.

The water tanks overhead are probably exposed to the sun which heats the water. The walls of the well are also probably semi-porous, which cools the water. I'm not sure why, though. If you keep some water in an earthenware jug for a while, it seems cooler than water left in a closed bottle.

cadence9 said...

yep, gurulethththuwa! we're thinking about getting a shower head fixed near the well so well water baths won't be so cumbersome.