Saturday, May 12, 2012

Does Dodol come from Malacca?

A friend of mine returned from a holiday in Malaysia with some sweets from Malacca that were called 'Dodol'.

They were absolutely delicious and were similar to Kalu Dodol. The colour was slightly paler and the texture much stickier, it was like pulling on chewy toffee, a very pleasant mouthfeel, in the technical nomenclature of a chef.

There were apparently several flavours, the one I had was coconut flavour which is why it was so similar to Kalu Dodol.    The more exotic flavours included Durian (also delicious, according to my friends). Wikipedia does not tell us where it originated but given that it is popular in as far flung a place a Zanzibar it may even be Indian. My friend was told that it originated in Malaysia and more specifically in Malacca.  

A recipe is available here.

Some links on Malaysian and Sri Lankan cuisine here.

In search of the perfect Dodol, from the Times of India.

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