Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glinka's Grand Sextet

Glinka was a Russian composer, best known for being a member of the The Five (also known as the Mighty Handful), a group that attempted to create a distinctly 'Russian' music, drawing on the folk traditions of Russia.

One of his early, and quite delightful, works is the Sextet in E flat, written in 1832. Its written for an unusual combination of instruments; two violins, viola, 'cello, double bass and piano. The double bass in not frequently used in chamber music.

I first encountered it in a rare recording by a group called Capricorn, its popularity seems to have increased, deservedly so. There are several recordings available now.
Listen to it on Youtube. It tends to load slowly so its best to let it load first before listening.


bingo said...

you ought to have said sloooooooooooooowly ....
but it does worth all the waiting time..:)

Jack Point said...

Glad you liked it Bingo.