Friday, December 09, 2011


This is something that I have been thinking about for a while.

They are the thing on which we rest our heads every night, yet do we know where they came from? Why is it so difficult to sleep without pillows? I need two pillows, one is not quite enough, although I can just about manage (on a trip for example) with one if pushed.

I have a large foam rubber pillow and a softer cotton one, the springy foam rubber one sets a foundation and the cotton one goes on top.

How far back in history do we find references to them and why do none of the other primates need them.

I have heard of an old campers trick, where one scoops out a small hollow in the earth, just to fit the hips. It apparently guarantees a good nights sleep. Has anyone heard of this or used it. Was it a sort of precursor to a pillow?

Your pillow thoughts, please?


Dee said...

I generally need three :I the more the merrier ^_^ I remember seeing 'pillows' in tutankhaman's tomb (in a book!) ...just a raised curve to rest the head on. I think orangautans make cosy nests / pillows to sleep in while on treetops...

Jack Point said...

Dee, glad to hear that someone is a bit worse than me! Thanks for the info.