Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fascism, anyone?

I came across a very interesting list of characteristics that mark a fascist regime.

Do all fascist regimes necessarily display all of these characteristics? Probably not, as in everything else I suppose there are shades of grey but if one finds that too many boxes are being ticked then its time to start worrying.

The rest of that site is worth reading as well, seems to have quite a bit of information on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Almost as if this was a custom made list for MR.

Jack Point said...

Anon, how remarkable! I would never have guessed.

Anonymous said...

I feel its more primitive that Fascism. More like medieval feudalism which is essentially a protection racket. We've been having it for thousands of years.

Having said that without anything to back it up, Happy belated new year!

Your posts are refreshingly real and meaningful compared to the the over the top nonsense the voices in my head spew out. Keep them coming!

Jack Point said...

Thanks Cerno, glad to know you like them.

I suppose fascism is a label and some friends have told me that the list that is linked in the post is not a good description of fascism but instead a list of nasty characteristics that some rulers have displayed.

A case of wear the hat if it fits I guess. Happy new year Cerno, hope to see more writing from YOU this year!