Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Reluctance to utilise leave

Has anyone noticed a strange phenomenon?

Sri Lankans hate to take leave, unless it coincides with a long weekend. At this late stage (I should have booked in December for April) I have starting looking around for somewhere to get away from the heat. Naturally, everything is full but a few places are available on weekdays. The thought of taking a few days off mid-week, is difficult, almost repulsive, I would say.

I cannot seem to work out why this is so, do other people feel the same?


Delilah said...

Yes i have. Its ridiculous that one should feel bad about taking leave that is allocated based on wellbeing of an employee.
Some companies pay you for the remaining leave which is the only way it would make sense to save up.
but basically it comes down to a forced display of committment or ass-kissing really.
'I'm so committed I have barely taken any leave the whole year'
This attitude works for some bosses though.
I personally prefer to take most of my leave and do it with so much nonchalance that it shocks some :)

Cadence said...

Well it works two ways. I prefer to take leave to coincide with a long weekend because it makes for a longer holiday with no disturbance. That being said, I've also taken the random day or two off mid week if needed. Guess it's circumstantial.

Beat the heat I'm guessing you have Nuwaraeliya in mind? If so check out Silver Falls, they're a nice quaint little place on a hill over looking a little waterfall. They might not be as full up as the rest of the bigger hotels.

Offthebeatentrack said...

It's a common phenomenon in the US where you are sort of 'brainwashed' into feeling guilty about taking leave. Judging from my workplace it is spreading here as well.

Try Mountain Heavens in Ella, should have some rooms available..and really nice location.

Jack Point said...

Delilah, Good for you!

Offthebeaten track; thanks for dropping by, will check them out.

Cadence, the problem is everyone (including) me wants to take leave only around long weekends which means every place is full. Will check out that place, thanks