Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beat the heat

I have some advice for people like me who are stuck on the sunny, hot plains in April. It does not involve travel to Nuwara Eliya (and for those in Nuwara Eliya, I shall publish a guide on how to avoid crowds), nor the expensive business of air conditioning, which quite a few people now seem to have at home.

It is to do with the ceiling fan. Please do not turn it on.


Because the blasted thing keeps blowing hot air. I was wondering why the room feels hotter when the ceiling fan is on. The breeze, when it comes through the window, is fairly cool but the fan blows gusts of warm air.

I think the reason is that hot air rises to the top, so the ceiling fan simply blows the hot air back into the room. The trick is to have a table fan, the air that comes from that is much cooler. I also think its much quieter and probably consumes less electricity. Give it a try and see, there are some very compact models now that can sit almost anywhere.

Phew, according to the BBC the temperature will rise to a maximum of 31 centigrade, with 75% humidity, I'm off to sneak off downstairs (downstairs is always far cooler- the roof absorbs direct heat from the sun) for a quiet snooze. There is a promise of showers in the night, though. It is unusual, a continuation of the weird weather, but I'm not complaining.


Cadence said...

Positively sweltering :( and I am guilty of procuring an ac for the new pad. It does provide much needed relief, especially if ur a migraine sufferer like me :( and that too one with light and heat triggers:( bad combo in this heat.

Jack Point said...

Heat and light- that is indeed a bad combo. Hope you are not suffering too much.

Gutterflower said...

Yikes. Not looking forward to the weather when I get back home :|

Jack Point said...

Don't worry Gutterflower, its now pouring with rain. Very heavy rain, I hope we don't have another round floods.