Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Some excitement at last

I don't follow sport so all the excitement surrounding the football world cup, the tennis at Wimbledon and even the racing at Ascot has not touched me.

Life was looking rather boring, with a full 22 working days this month and a further 17 days slog next month before the next long weekend. Very boring, that is until Comrade Wimal spiced it up for me with this.

He had originally called for the UN to be surrounded and the staff taken hostage, so we shall await further developments.

Ban Ki Moon should have known who he was dealing with.

All along we thought the Comrade had 'gone native', joined the government and tempered his revolutionary ways. Luckily we find that he has not lost it at all, but given us something that we can proud of. Let the Yankees beware.

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