Saturday, March 20, 2010

Me and my laptop

I've finally chucked out the old clunker that I was using and have replaced it with a spanking new laptop, complete with inbuilt camera and all sorts of other extras.

The only thing is, I don't like the laptop mouse so I use a normal mouse plugged into the laptop.

The laptop keyboard is even worse than the mouse (how on earth can anyone work without the numeric keypad?) and teh keys are far too fiddly anyway, so I've plugged in my normal keyboard into the laptop.

Oh, yes, I'm not too happy with the screen size so I've connected my flat screen monitor to the laptop.

I'm pretty happy with the performance in general, apart from all the little caveats above. The laptop even came with a nice new case that I've stored away on a shelf. I hope it does'nt catch too much dust because I don't use the case. I don't actually carry the laptop around much and I never take it home. After all a proper work -life balance is essential, right? And how can I possibly get this if I take work home.

Oh, the wonders of modern technology, makes life really simple does'nt it? Does anyone remeber the clunky old fixed PC's that we had to use in the old days?


Anonymous said...

This is funny. Could've been funnier if your blog had a different name though. A name that doesn't reveal what you're about.

Graeme said...

In addition to all that, laptops are less reliable, more expensive to fix and easy to steal.

I use my laptop screen, but I use a separate trackball and keyboard.

I assume your employer only allows laptops out of the office if the drive is encrypted? Why companies encourage people to make data theft easy is something I do not understand (give people laptops, do not give them laptop chains, do not encrypt the data). Even MI5 seems to neglect basic precautions.

Angel said...

Lol... Jack... you're worse than I am! (limited to plug in mouse and still fighting for plug in keyboard!)

Jack Point said...

Graeme: drive encrypted ? Never heard of that before :)

Angel - glad to see that I've raced you to the bottom.....

Lefroy - thanks for dropping by, will think about it.

Dee said...

ooh webam *WINK WINK* *NUDGE NUDGE* *LEER LEER* k shall stop being immature now

Jack Point said...

oooh Dee, naughty, naughty, naughty.

Shall see you online 8pm sharp :)

Scrumps said...

Dee: Floozy! :P

JP: You could have got one of those foldable keyboards no?

Jack Point said...

Foldable keyboards?

This is the first I'm hearing of it (not very tech savvy) but sounds interesting.

Cadence said...

So u bought a new laptop... but u use a plugged in keyboard and mouse?!

Strange weird person :) Ur completely defeating the purpose of the portable!

Jack Point said...