Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Discrimination against Non-Western laws

Today's Daily News has published a very interesting article on its op-ed page. The article, titled 'Discrimination against Non-Western laws' is taken from Pravda and deals with something that has become a hot topic in Sri Lanka these days.

The article opens with Google's complaints of censorship in China and the prosecution a woman for having illicit sex in Dubai.

According to the article, "This widespread Western neo-colonial discrimination has its inhumane consequence for the world" and provides much food for thought.

The Daily News is serialising the piece but readers impatient to wait for the next installment can access it in full on the Pravda website.


Angel said...


Sam said...

I think it is true. They do awfully discriminate against none-western laws.

One of the first incident happened in Sri Lanka was ban on child executions, which is a frequent practice in Sri Lanka at that time. A Traitor at that time, the father of Bandara Jr, actively works for brings that legislation. This destroyed the very fabric of our Sri Lankan society. Until then it was common practice to punish children for their parents crimes. That usually include cut off the head if they are tall enough to reach the stand, if not mothers usually ordered to hack or beat their toddlers to death front of the public and that set an example to the public. Also casual killing of baby girls usually by drowning help to alter the gender balance required for polygamy, a common practice those days for various reasons.

So I say discriminate those laws in the morning, discriminate those laws in the evening and discriminate anytime possible and any where possible.

Jack Point said...

Indeed, Sam.

Serendib_Isle said...

Well, I have lived in Dubai for almost 15 years. I am listening to NPR (National Public Radio) at drive time everyday, and the way the US media “prepares and conditions” the average US citizen to accept and endorse their bullish behaviour towards the rest of the world is quite shocking and appalling. American media is so powerful that it inflicts fear in people, to an extent where the average Joe wouldn't drive across to the next state without a gun.

As for the scandal in Dubai, it is a place where there is enough freedom – but one must learn to respect the social values and cultural norms, be it UAE or anywhere else in the world.

On the other hand, has anyone said about the burqa ban in France, yet? Nope. Because that is the West discriminating Eastern Values, right?

Jack Point said...


yes agreed the Burqua ban is something that should not be supported. Women should be free to wear what they wish

The French Catholic church has spoken against it:

However, an Imam in Paris seems to have supported it

In the case of the Dubai scandal, I tend to think that punishing the victim is probably not the best way to go about administering justice.

Jack Point said...

Sure Thing:)