Thursday, January 21, 2010

A case for Freud

Sigmund Freud is rather discredited these days. As my brother put it, much of it was pseudo science and the little science was contributed by others.

Still, he made a lasting impact on society and we must summon his ghost to solve a mystery that plagues the country.

A problem of prominent public figures attacking themselves, sometimes even murdering themselves. It takes schizophrenia to a whole new level. The latest to fall victim was identified by Wimal W.

Hysteria and the so called split personality may be the cause, to the extent that some are split right down the middle.


Sabby said...

"He also said none of the Presidential candidates of the past had used foul language as Fonseka does."

I don't know about split personality but I think a presidential candidate should be very careful when he presents himself and sad to say SF has no stage personality. The way he talks, at least to me, is abs loathsome. Change he may bring but along with it, he'll bring embarrassment by just being himself on an international scale


God bless us all.

(And there goes my vow to be completely impartial online)

sue said...

politics in SL makes any sane person insane!

Jack Point said...

heh heh Sabby, don't watch Television so have not heard him speak.

His PR is pretty bad, but considering what Ratnasiri W and others have said I think the rest of the world is now used to this.