Monday, June 09, 2008

Super Seven

Got tagged a while back and have been wondering what to do about it. I was away to begin with so I only saw the tag several days after it had been stuck or pasted or whatever the correct term for the thing is.

Now it is fairly easy to come up with a list of trivial items but I'm somehow reluctant to do that - goes against the grain you see. Whatever it is, it needs to be true to myself, find it quite hard to be otherwise. Its a real pain sometimes: picking a birthday card or a present for someone can be an agonising process - it needs to be right, it must say just the right thing and it needs to be true. This is why I keep a stock of cards around. Whenever I find a good one, I'll buy it and keep it for use sometime. The trouble is I sometimes forget that I have cards in stock or else I've put them away so well that I can't find them aaarrrggh..... Sometimes I do find them, when the need arises, the trouble is when i do look at them again I sometimes find that time has altered my perception of things and the card is not really suitable anymore so I'm back to square one again....

I also think that deep down I'm an arch conservative: in dress, in habits, in manners, in taste, although I do like to think of myself as being liberal in my views I'm not entirely sure if that's right. A conservative taste in fashion means that its damned difficult to find trousers and shirts in Colombo, so my favourite shopping has been in Malaysia where there is a much wider selection. Forget Singapore, even with a sale things are prohibitively expensive.

Curiosity is the other trait that I seem to have. I keep telling myself that curiosity is what killed the cat and that curiosity is but one step away from nosiness and that I hope keeps my instincts in check. I keep wanting to know WHY? Why does this happen? How does it work? What went wrong? Sometimes answers come a long time after the question was asked, sometimes after the question was forgotten. Benn wondering how pillows came into being. Why is it so difficult to sleep without one and how did early man learn to use the primitive equivalent of a pillow? Are there cultures where pillows are unknown?

Sometimes these questions take a curious turn. There was a time a few months back when I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking that I had an excellent question or idea on some problem in economics and then I fall asleep. When I wake up I could never quite remember what the question was and for a time I was wondering if I actually woke up, or whether I dreamed that I had woken up and come up with a question. Reminds of the philosopher who dreamed he was a butterfly. After a while he could not figure out if he was a butterfly who dreamed he was a philosopher or if he was a philosopher who dreamed he was a butterfly. All very mysterious.

I talk too much. I love the sound of my own voice. Get me going on a pet topic and I'll talk till the cows come home. Hell, If I can write this much garbage (with poor typing skills) can you imagine how bad I can be just talking?

A rebel at heart, unfortunately with no permanent cause. Need someone to help organise or get something done that is unusual or difficult? If its interesting enough, I'm your man. A sort of a modern day Indiana Jones or Rambo, I modestly tell myself....

Ok I've run out of steam, and my knee seems to be hurting so I'm stopping now.

Oh, by the way, if anyone needs and introduction to the real Super Seven some characters from my childhood days, have a look at them here.


Agni said...

Interesting. I will adopt the birthday card idea and the why idea.

pissu perera said...

i used to do the whole "perfect card/perfect gift" thing too. ended up not finding anything ontime. then i started keeping an ear out for what people say they like and got them that, provided my finances allowed it. as for the card, most of them are so soppy they make me cringe so i just buy the funny ones and write the stuff i want it them.

as for asking why and how, i used to do that in class all the time and my biology teacher once told me, "it's not in the syllabus PP, shut up and wait, you're disturbing my class". sigh.