Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dealing with a new job

I moved in to a new job some months back. It has been a fairly tough period involving a lot of learning. Its in a completely new industry and one that is highly technical.

There is also the problem of added responsibility, having to carry the can, so too speak.

The pay is better, the work is 'real'-grappling with day to day issues in controlling the business; not doing meaningless plans, wasting time in interminable and pointless meetings or fiddling around with PowerPoint presentations.

While I now seem to be slowly getting on top of the work, it never seems to end. A bit like catching a tiger by the tail, as long as one keeps running one can stay ahead of the beast, the slightest slip or slow down results in a bite. A fall would be disastrous.

What worries me is exhaustion, how much longer can I keep running at this pace?


B.I* said...

Change is good, especially if it comes with better pay :)
Congratulations, and good luck!

Jack Point said...

Thank you B.I!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you! Work hard. Play hard :) - Delilah

Jack Point said...

Thanks Delilah. Things have got even worse since I wrote this but they will eventually improve once we get a few of the crises under control.

santhoshi said...

Hope things are better now!

Jack Point said...

Er a bit better I guess but I still have no peace of mind.

Welcome back Santhoshini.