Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rumours, rumours.

Heard a few rumours recently that I though were worth sharing.

The first story is a bit wild, a genuine conspiracy theory and concerns the factory at the centre of the Weliiveriya incident. The story is that they did have a treatment plant for waste but when the electricity prices went up, switched off the plant.
When talking to a few people they said that even if this were true, could this really have poisoned the water in such a large area? A lot of raw rubber factories (factories that process the latex) have treatment plants but no one seems to be quite sure how effective these are. There should therefore have been fairly widespread complaints about other fcatories if they were capable of contaminating the water in a large area, ergo the company was not the culprit. Admittedly the rubber factories are not the same as a glove manufacturer, but some chemicals used in the processing may be similar.

A more likely explanation could be that the pollution came from cesspits and sewage tanks, caused by improperly planned housing.

The real problem is that no one knows the truth and no one seems to be interested in getting to the bottom of it either. The President's grand gesture of asking the factory to relocate, to pollute some other area is hardly a solution. In fact it may only be a glib statement, to quieten the masses.
Meanwhile, the latest on the Sri Lanka Tea Board is that the cess funds, which are collected from the export of tea have been used to fund the Carlton Rugby tournament. If bailing out the Cricket Board was bad enough, if this were true, I think this is infinitely worse.

Does anyone have any further information on this?

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