Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back to two hands-just about

Finally removed the cast on my arm yesterday. In short a period as three weeks it is difficult to believe the extent to which muscles have atrophied and stiffened.

One arm looks as flat as a board, the range of movement is severly limited and what movement is possible tends to be jerky and mechanical.

Bushing teeth, eating, even moving the mouse (although not using the keyboard) are a bit difficult and I don't think I can still attempt to wear a T shirt

Getting back to normal is going to a bit more painful than I thought but at least there is steady progress.

Expect more bored and annoyed posts......... 


sbarrkum said...

For you my friend not quite Handel.

Peggy Lee: Lets Keep Dancin

Angel said...

Hey, just saw this... hope you're better now. It would be good to get some physiotherapy for that arm!

Jack Point said...

Thanks SBarrkum and Angel.

Have just started physiotherapy,

Gutterflower said...

Oh noes. Sorry to hear this. Feel better soon JP.

Jack Point said...

Thank you Gutterfower :)