Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Arrack aged in oak casks - is it as good as the rumours claim it to be?

A friend was raving about a new arrack that he had drunk recently. He had been asked to buy it for a friend living overseas. He found it at the duty free shop  but was taken aback by the price tag - US$31 for a bottle. He bought it anyway and took it to his friend and asked him why he was paying so much for arrack.

When invited to try it he claimed it to be as good as a single malt. He can't remember what the name was, it is not available locally, but is the rage with Sri Lankans abroad. It may have been this, or one of these.

Has anyone tried it ? When one thinks about it, the casks in which spirits or wines are aged are responsible for a good part of the flavours of the finished products. Perhaps the use of oak casks, rather than Halmilla vats lends the arrack the smoothness and consistency of a good whisky?


sbarrkum said...

More likely familiarity of taste.

Most who start appreciating aged arrack are first aged whiskey connoisseurs and are familiar with tastes and flavors associated with oak aging.

Incidentally if you taking arrack from Sri Lanka, buy it locally and pack on unaccompanied baggage.
a) You cannot have liquids in carry on baggage (at least to the US)
b) SL Duty free, does not imply excise tax free and there is no price regulation. So you will be paying much more than locally.

Anonymous said...

Coconut Arrack has traditionally been aged in Halmilla & Teak Vats as they lend the most desireable character to the product. It is possible to use Oak. However not many people have favoured the taste and odour of such a product. Old Reserve made by I D Lanka Ltd where I am the Consultant Quality and person responsible for the blend continues to use Halmilla & Teak. Dushyantha Peter

Jack Point said...

Sbarrkum, this particular arrack is only available in the duty free shop.

Dushyantha, thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Ceylon Arrack is the best arrack to have come out in the last twenty odd years I have known them. Hands down!