Friday, March 22, 2013

Tickle me please, need some stimulation...

Intellectual stimulation, that is, although I would not necessarily object to being tickled in a more conventional sense.

Seriously, though I tend to feed on ideas and there are not enough around. The company I work for has subscribed to an online education system from Harvard, which fairly good. Just finished the session on creativity and it made me realise what I am missing. A quote from the session stuck in my mind

When all men think alike, no one thinks
very much. 

–Walter Lippmann

I read The Economist (which I have persuaded my employer to subscribe to) religiously, every week, primarily for stimulation - for new ideas or different ways of looking at things. It has a fairly well-rounded approach - apart from the politics, economics and business there is a small but interesting section on science and the arts-which, incidentally, are my favourite sections.

I used to get a lot of ideas from blogs and some of the debate was pretty good but that died years ago. Too many friends have migrated and there only a very limited set of people that one can have a conversation with in Colombo. After a while, one finds oneself going stale, the same ideas, the same people going around and around.

I need some new company, a little tickling, so to speak. 


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