Friday, November 23, 2012

Imagine - fund raiser concert to help children of prisoners

The Association of Friends of Prisoners Children is charity that aims to try to keep the children of prisoners in school. 

Although this may seem a rather simple goal, it is in fact a lot harder than it appears. Apart from difficulties with money, the biggest problem faced is social stigma.

A common question that comes up is when the school mistress asks a child-what does your father do? Most children will be happily jumping up and answering but the child of a prisoner has no answer to give. Once identified as such they are stigmatised and bullied, will probably drop out of school and, more often than not, end up as criminals themselves

This charity is attempting to break this cycle. They are holding a fundraising concert on the 25th (this Sunday) at 7pm at the Bishops College auditorium featuring the De Lanerolle Brothers, Natasha Ratnayake, Choro Calibre, Harsha Makalanda and many others.

Box Plan and Tickets: Bishops College auditorium. Box office open from.8.30am-4.30pm, Telephone 0114712326

 I can vouch that the charity is well run and funds properly accounted for please contact them for further information.

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