Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A boss, a boss, my kingdom for a boss...

who is either;

a) sane, or
b) human.

Is that too much to wish for? Both would be nice, but I would not complain if they had either of the above. Anyway, I can empathise with the Dilbert cartoon below:  

On a more random note, now that the radio frequencies have changed I am having a hard time tracking down the stations I usually listen to. While scanning through the the stations I came upon a broadcast of the BBC news so I listened. The next programme turned out to be - Children's Birthday Greetings. There were two greetings that were read out, but the concept of sending a postcard to a radio station a few weeks ahead to get announced on the programme is quaint and somehow, rather charming. Does anyone else listen to this station?

They had an advertising blurb after the children's programme that carried clips from the past, including the BBC announcement of D.S Senanyake's death (preceded by phrase "this is London"; famous to listeners of shortwave radio) an announcement by Mrs B (sounding a lot like CBK) declaring a state of emergency. (ps for some of the classic BBC identification themes, listen to this)There seems to be a wealth of material on the SLBC archives, there must be some way of monetising this, it is fascinating.     

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