Sunday, September 30, 2012

Speeding on the Southern Highway

I was in Ahungalla yesterday on a workshop. Went there by coach but returned with a friend who had driven down. He had been charged with speeding yesterday but had been unable to pay the fine since it was poya day.

This morning we tried looking for a post office to pay the fine, but being Sunday they were all closed. Faced with the prospect of returning another day to pay the fine and collect the license we decided to talk to the policemen at the police post at the the Expressway entrance, to see what could be done.

They were sympathetic and very helpful. They said we could probably get the postmistress at the agency post office to collect the fine. One of the policeman accompanied us and we drove to the agency post office, about 10 minutes away. It was a part of a shop and while the post office was closed the shop was not. The postmistress was not around but the policeman made inquiries and a message was sent to her. She turned up shortly afterwards and took the money and wrote the receipt for the fine.

We returned to the police post, handed over the receipt and collect the license. My friend offered the policeman who accompanied us some money for his assistance but it was refused.

All in all, a surprisingly good experience.

ps. The speed camera's are not automatic they are manually operated. They are usually stationed around the overhead bridges or where there is shade. They usually impose a fine only if the driver is above 125km or so.      


maf said...

Two points to ponder when speeding on the highway:
1. as with most equipment of this nature - it is highly unlikely that they can accurately catch anything within a 10% tolerance (think about how often they have to re-calibrate this and couple this with our work-ethic).
2. the other thing is i only go to the Baddgema exit (to go to Hikks) which is about 78.5 km down from Kottawa. If you go at 110km/h - it take you 42 mins, 120 km/h - it takes 39 mins, 130km/h 36 mins ie. incremental time saving of an extra 10km/h is 3 mins. All of the speed traps I have seen are under bridges (as pointed out) and most of the bridges are in the section closer to Kottawa.
Personally I set the cruise control at 110km/h and enjoy the journey.. but there are some nuggets if you want to really speed...

Jack Point said...

Thanks maf.

One reason for the speeding is absolute boredom! When driving alone and there is nothing in sight one gets impatient and wants to get it over with quickly.

Offthebeatentrack said...

The expressway is really weird, the toll booth people smile and say hello, etc. It's all very odd and somewhat heartening :)

I don't know why they cant tie up mobile payments (like Ezcash or whatever it is called) with police fines. That would make paying fines convenient and reduce bribery as well.

Jack Point said...

Thanks for dropping by Offthebeatentrack.

We asked them the same question, apparently many others had as well. They are apparently trying to get some system in place on these lines but it will take some time.