Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The dangers of multitasking

I sometimes read email, blogs or browse the web while doing other things in the office.

Last morning I was reading something online when a friend called. While I was on that call I saw the bank manager's direct number blinking on my office line. I ignored it (we have our priorities, right?) and went on with my conversation.

When I had finished, I called my bank manager while trying to read Dee's post on the Hed Kandi Girl at the same time.

When my bank manger asked why I had not answered I thought I heard the words "sorry I was on another girl at the time" coming from my lips. I wasn't quite sure if I just thought I'd said it or if I had actually said it.

There was a stunned silence on the other end. "Do you know what you just said?"

Shit! Talk about Freudian slips. And its all Dee's fault.


Lady divine said...

hahahahaaaa... that was funny! :D

so.... how was it? ;)

shammi said...

Ha-ha,your mind seems to be "on" a lot of girls, though you let little things like engagements or the palk straits stand in your way.

And now it's all your fault that I've added another blog to the list I read, taking time away from other things I should be doing.

santhoshi said...

I read office emails while doing homework with the kids and once my daughter asked something about her work, and I replied you should just take the clause no2 off the contract.
Well she was annoyed for the rest of the evening.

Jack Point said...

Guilty as charged, Shammi. Glad you find it interesting.


LD: Shhhsh, ok?


Santhoshini, haha that is very funny.

Dee said...

whoo!!! :D
And Thanu said you were "such a introverted, quiet, nerdy boss"


Jack Point said...

Me? Nerdy?

What nonsense.

Its all a conspiracy, I tell ya. Maybe even an international conspiracy.

Angel said...

Hilarious... Hed Kandy girls FTW!

Scrumps said...


I've just seen this!

Just goes to show that men can't multitask.... ;)

This has actually made my day. :)

Jack Point said...

Scrumpy, Angel - glad you liked it.

cadence said...

haha! Good one!

My hub often says 'darling, we men do not know how to multi task!'


I think I might have to start believing him now! Lol.