Friday, March 11, 2011

Superbrands: is the novelty fading?

I notice that companies don't use the 'Superbrands' logo/tag in their advertisements as widely as they used to. When the concept was launched it was everywhere and I was quite confused, thinking that a company called Superbrands had bought over a few local companies.

I don't watch a lot of television or listen to the radio so I'm not sure if the advertising has migrated to the electronic media, but in the printed press the use of the term seems to have diminished. The only one that I can recall recently is the 'No Limit' board in Dehiwala.

Has the novelty faded ?

The Superbrands Sri Lanka page has the list of brands up to 2009 but nothing after that. The media page carry lists of events in 2009 but nothing thereafter.

I have been a critic of the concept of Superbrands and it would be interesting to see what benefits it has brought to those who were awarded the status of Superbrand.

Note that I have no problems with brands per se, a well established concept that has evolved from the Victorian age. I do agree that brands have value and an open ranking of brands is a worthwhile exercise.

Any comments from the marketing folk out there?

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Cadence said...

I guess other accolades like the Peoples Choice Awards and SLIM brand excellence have taken precedence? and even then, those who do mention it are few and far between.

Novelty fading I guess as u said.