Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A gift to the world

Its been hectic at work. I have just had a chance to look at Monday's papers when a front page story caught my

"Buddhism, biggest gift of SL to world" read the headline.

Yes, but I thought it came from India?


Dee said...


Guiding Spirit said...

hmmmm ... so did I !!!

N said...

It's the Daily the parallel universe they inhabit there is no such thing as India, only Sri Lanka. Also Namal isn't bringing Sean Paul down to perform in Sri Lanka in that world either..."biggest challenge of protecting cultural values and virtues in the face of western culture and attitudes seeping into society. "

Angel said...

Ha ha ... brilliant!!

Guiding Spirit said...

"Sri Lankan activists oppose plan to train boys as monks"

Jack Point said...

N - had not noticed the Sean Paul thing: a case of different strokes for different folks or hypocrisy?

Thanks for the link Guiding Spirit.