Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Tigers break a promise?

I don't have a very high opinion of the local press, something I've blogged about here and of late I have been reading even less of it than I used to.

I have taken a couple of days off the gym routine so with a bit of time on my hands glanced through some of the papers and this caught my eye: "Tigers break promise, attack sports event".

The news story does not elaborate on the headline but the editorial of the same day mentions an LTTE pledge that it would not target sports events.

I don't seem to recall where they might have made such a pledge? In the ceasefire agreement? But that is a dead letter now. Perhaps in some earlier undertaking?

They have made and broken plenty of promises but that is not the question. Can someone elaborate? Did they actually make such a pledge and if so where and when? Or was the headline merely written in a way to increase readership?

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Sam said...

I don’t know about any promises. But I’m sure tigers are guilty of breaking so many other things such as banks, heads and legs.

I’m waiting so long for this bright day, the blessed day when tigers also start to break promises instead other things, like our democratic leaders.