Thursday, February 21, 2008

On a roll

Warning: Extremely boring post coming up.

I am feeling pretty pleased with myself, things seem to be on a roll; in the gym that is.

Things started off badly on Saturday when I dislocated a shoulder. Its an old injury that keeps reappearing from time to time, but this time it came off while stretching! I had been doing shoulders and had increased the weights a bit, so that probably weakened the ligaments and connective tissue and a little carelessness was all it took to pop the joint. Damn. Damn. Damn!!!

Anyway, made a resolution to go back, against the advice of some of my gym buddies. Went in on Monday intending to do legs and a light routine on biceps and triceps. Surprised myself by ending up doing a pretty heavy routine, lifted more than my normal weights.

Went in today (Thursday), after a couple of days rest. Routine was supposed to be chest and biceps but biceps were dropped because my training buddy needed to leave early.

Mow working the chest does put a bit of pressure on the shoulders, particularly on the incline presses so intended to go a bit slow. Wonder of wonders, pushed pretty much close to last weeks level-which was a personal best for me! Did take it slightly easy on the inclines and dropped the Pec Dec altogether (did hammer presses instead) but a pretty good routine overall.

The best part is that I have been able to maintain the focus and the 'push'. Its a feeling that is a little difficult to describe - when one is in a good training zone the only thing that goes through ones mind is to keep pushing the weight until it literally drops. Training like an animal is how a friend describes it.

Its very difficult to get into that 'zone' and I think I had just gotten in and was afraid I would go out of it because of the injury but so far so good.

Am, grinning like a Cheshire cat at the moment - lets see how next Saturday goes - that when go back to shoulders again.


pissu perera said...

"..dislocated a shoulder"

ow ow ow OW!! that sounds painful.

Jack Point said...

I'm afraid so...