Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brilliant guitar playing

If anyone is interested in some virtuoso guitar playing, just check out Jerry C. He has written a lead guitar part into Pachelbel's canon and calls the result Canon Rock, quite amazing. Sacrilege? Not in the least, because he makes the music his own, there is more Jerry C than Pachelbel in the music, its more like variations on the canon and perfectly satisfying musically speaking.

One doesn't need to be a musician, a guitar fanatic or anything else to appreciate this:

For anyone who wants to compare this with a version of the music played by an orchestra, try this. If you would like to see the orchestra actually play then try this - but the quality of the playing is not as good as in the other example.

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Gutterflower said...

I love Cannon in D.
I came across a video of a teenage guy playing it on a guitar a few years back. But this is way better.