Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some scenery of Hatton and Dickoya

Travelled to Dickoya early this week. Here are a few pictures (click on the picture to get the high quality image).

The entry to Hatton

Late morning sun

Christ Church, Warleigh. The little stone churches in the hill country make such pretty pictures

Castlereigh Reservoir

The Castlereigh reservior, from further up the hill

Misty mountain

Mist, mountain and road

Tree clad hills..

...and winding roads

This is a picture of Queen Victoria's statue, at the back of the Colombo Museum. Took it last year and meant to write something suitably Victorian. Found it in my phone with the others so uploaded it anyway.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Nice scenery!

Angel said...

Nice pics... especially like the one of Queen V. Never new we had something like that in Colombo!

Lady divine said...

wow! nice......

How I wish I could go there...and get away from this heat in Colombo..

Jack Point said...

Thanks for the comments.

Angel, there are a few statues around but not many. I heard that the Garrison Cemetery in Kandy is to removed-apparently because it is at a higher elevation than the temple of the tooth??

Its supposed to be very pretty, try and see it before its destroyed:

Jack Point said...

More pics of Garrison Cemetery

Jack Point said...


hmm. Well Colombo is not that hot these days, surely? It has been getting warmer but its still tolerable;)

Sri Lanka News Online said...

nice photos. very clear. what is the camera you took them from?

Jack Point said...

SL NEws,

I took them from my phone camera.