Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No private vehicles to BIA

According to the Daily Mirror, no private vehicles will be allowed into the airport.

"All private vehicles are to be prohibited from entering the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) due to ‘security concern’ and as a first step in this move all vans and three-wheelers will not be allowed into the departure area with immediate effect, an official said. "

I wonder if they will ban the planes from landing next. Or maybe all planes except for Mihin Air. After all, who knows, Tiger Air might decide to land at BIA ?

Confusingly, the rule applies for departures but not for arrivals. “The restriction only applies to departing passengers for now. For persons coming to the airport to pick up arriving passengers, usual security procedures l apply,” the duty officer said.

Why there should a difference in security procedures for the two is a mystery. The risk is about the same as far as I can see but this may be a smart move minimise inconvenience to the diminishing number of tourists coming in. Hmm given the standard of English better coach the guards on the difference between tourist and terrorist, the words might easily be confused..


Dinidu said...

He he... That's my story! :)

Jerry said...

Are you supposed to WALK all the way from the road then?

Lady divine said...

hehee... haiyooo
I couldn't stop laughing when you mentioned about the possibility of planes not being allowed to land at the airport.. lol...

but then again, you neva know! :P

indi said...

Uh, so if cars and vans and trishaws aren't allowed, how does one get to the airport? Fly?

Serendib_Isle said...

Oh yeah, I get it. Fly in from Weerawila.

Jack Point said...

The guy you described is just like my bro. Unbelievable amount of junk gathers dust from old car parts, to magazines, some of which have simply rotted away.

Me? I'm a lot neater....:)

Jack Point said...

oops wrong comment.

Jerry: guess those boots were meant for walking