Friday, September 26, 2008

Yummie Mummies

A blog that is very English, upper class English at that has a definition of a subject that warms the cockles of my black little heart. From The Two Chaps:

Yummie Mummies

It is a strange phenomenon of London life that wealthy men seem to find beautiful wives, impregnate them and then return to work leaving them to lurk in pouting herds around Primrose and Notting Hills.

Nobody is quite sure why this happens but the concentrations of quite stunning looking women around yoga classes, coffee houses and the kind of shops that sell the sort of expensive fripperies that no sane person could want has not gone unremarked among the gentlemen of the Metropolis.

So what if they're carrying somebody else's offspring and are, therefore, no longer breeding targets for the alpha male? We have evolved from the base ape. I don't have to actually own a Picasso (although obviously I do - several in fact) to enjoy going to a gallery.

Cruising the hills on a Summer afternoon and appreciating the YMs even though you can't have them is the the kind of rarified and purely aesthetic pursuit that marks a True Gentleman.

Think of it as a contemporary take on the convention of Courtly Love.


Jerry said...

"I don't have to actually own a Picasso (although obviously I do - several in fact) to enjoy going to a gallery."

Women = art objects? Interesting comparison, though one which I doubt would go down well with extreme feminists and the like.

But most men wouldn't mind if it was them being compared to art. Guess that's a different argument...

Jack Point said...


in my book, better women being seen as art objects, rather than as sex objects.

pissu perera said...

calling them yummy mummies = sexually objectifying them, no? ;)

Jack Point said...

PP: Errr maybe you are right.

Nirdesha said...

Better women being seen as art objects, rather than as sex objects.. True, but why not see them as fellow human beings. I mean would you like to be seen as an object of artistic beauty and constantly be looked at in that way and talked about based on your outer appearance? I know I don't :)

Sabby said...

The blog title itself got me all curious. Thought you were going to pull a Soixante Neuf and talk about....ermm...y'know!

Agree with Nirdesha though. Better to have woman 'admired' as an inanimate art object rather than just another roll in the hay.

Either way, the superiority complex would kick in regardless of how much these feminist groups fight for equality and blah blah. You can't change the minds of masses...especially if it's the stubborn minds of men.

My two cents.

I didn't know Jack Point = Court Jester. I like the way you write. =)

Jack Point said...

hey Sabby, Thank you! Remember I'm a jester, so no chance of me pulling a Soixante Neuf.....